MyWatt 10ch. Wireless Electricity Monitor Model SEM3000 Series and Accessories.  (WORLD BEST PRODUCT)

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The end of 2014, we have developed 10ch. Wireless Smart Energy Meter SEM3000 Series IHD (In Home Display Unit) after 3 years R&D  period. It was very difficult and hard working to our staffs.

We are really No, 1 developer in this field of IHD in the world.  There are no maker who has similar function as we have.

We are the only one maker in the world who has 14ch. Wireless system with web cloud service and timer control function.   

Our system has the following unique functions:
*10ch. Wireless system with 3-phase clamp type transmitter and plug-in type transmitter both.  (
only 1 maker in the world)

*CE (433MHz), TELEC (JAPAN: 429.2MHz), KC (424.7MHz) , FCC (433MHz) Certificate available. (only 1 maker in the world)

*Remote on-off control and timer control available IHD by Wireless Receiver or PC Software or Web Cloud Service and Smart Phone. (only 1 maker in the world)

*World biggest 6 lcd display IHD. : 30 different function display LCD. (only 1 maker in the world)

*Monthly target and percentage (%) display function IHD.  (only 1 maker in the world)

*Real-time energy consumption and money display for today, this week, this month and last 1 month (31 days) IHD. .  (only 1 maker in the world)

*You can select average billing rate or 6-step tier rate and time-of-use billing rate at any time on IHD. .  (only 1 maker in the world)

*You can select 6 country money symbol (Yen, Wien, Dollar, U.K. Pound, Euro, Korean Won) (only 1 maker in the world)

*You can use up to 3-phase, 500A current clamp for factory or building application (only 1 maker in the world)

*Web cloud service has real-time, total energy and money display for daily, weekly, monthly, yearly and 10 years graph and data download service and dash board display. (only 1 maker in the world)   

*We could download 1 minute interval data for a day on web cloud service and 1 hour interval service for a month. (
only 1 maker in the world)

*If you use MyWatt Cloud SEM3110 model and connect to Internet by LAN cable, the calendar & clock is calibrating automatically. (only 1 maker in the world)

*We have 2015 Weather Summit Award IHD.   (only 1 maker in the world)                                                                                                 

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MyWatt 10ch. Wireless Electricity Monitor System

MyWatt (SEM3010) MyWatt Cloud (SEM3110) Common Function

*433MHz wireless electricity monitor. Maximum distance 50M at home. (Maximum distance 1000m at open sight.)
*Displays instantaneous power and 1 month estimated energy cost with that power.
*Displays today/this week/this month/31days total power usage and the cost.
*Provide monitoring of changing power gap when home appliances are turned on and off.
*Displays the percentage between this month target power vs. now.
*Displays today and this week graph.
*Displays 10 channel energy data by using 10 transmitters.
*Optical sensors can be supplied for the pulse output electricity totalizer (option)
*Supply 30A, 75A clamp for household and also supply 200A, 350A and 500A clamp for Industrial application. (option)
*Battery life of clamp type transmitter: CRT3000 (new) battery life is 10 months. If you add Extra D type battery pack, 15 months battery life is extended. Total battery life will be 2 years. : new long battery life type CRT3000 & SEM3110 receiver does not pair with old model. 
*If you use power adapter, you do now need battery. (option)

*Using free PC software, you can see hour/day/week/month/year graph on PC.
*Display CO2 consumption by calculating the power usage
*Average energy cost setting, 2 to 6 step cost promotion setting is possible. Other ordered setting also possible.
*Calendar & Clock display
*Displays battery power on LCD
*Displays single or 3-phase clamp connection on LCD
*Displays RF433MHz power strength on LCD.
*4 Alarm display on LCD: BLACK OUT time display, peak energy over display, Daily and weekly energy target over display.

*We will provide data logging function by pc software within September 2016. You can log day/week/month data by connecting pc cable continuously.

MyWatt Cloud (SEM3110) Extra Functions

*Shows up to 200kW instant electricity energy display on monitor.
*Connect to Internet by LAN cable connection
*Provide Max. 10Ch. Electricity and temperature graph on a web page.
*Provide Today/this week/this month/this year/10year graph.
*Provide the graph comparison for day/week/month/year)
*Provide Dash board. (today/yesterday, this week/last week, this month/last month, this year/last year)
*Provide data downloadable function for 1 month electricity with 1 hour interval)
*Provide the system location map
*Provide remote or on-off control of 10channel home appliances by using smart phone or website.
*Provide daily/weekly/monthly/yearly/10 year graph.
*Provide average energy cost setting and cost display of day/week/month/year.
*Provide free web cloud service for 2Ch. From 3ch. To 10 ch., yearly contract is necessary (option)
*Provide receiver clock automatic calibration when LAN or Wi-Fi line connection (In case of SEM3110AWIFI model).
*Email alarm when peak over power consumption (selection)
*Email service for day/week/month energy usage (selection)
*SMS service for the above alarm and energy usage (option)
*Max. 999ch. Site management (option)
*Consulting service for energy saving (option)

*We will provide Android & IOS App within October 2016.

SEM6000 MyWatt Professional Product

Korean Catalog   English Catalog Japanese Catalog

MyWatt 10ch. Wireless Electricity Receiver & Monitor
Model Brand & Product Supply Clamp Maximum wattage measurement Price ($)
List Price
KTC100 MyWatt Power Plug Wireless Temperature Controller

KRC100 MyWatt Power Plug 4ch. Wireless Switching

SEM100WIFI MyWatt Power Plug App is supplying

Power : On-Off or Timer Setting

SEM200WIFI MyWatt Power Plug

Home Appliance Energy Monitoring & Control
For EU, USA, Japan

App is supplying together
Hour/Day/Month/Year data is available

110V: 1760W
220V: 3520W
SEM3010AEU MyWatt Home Energy Manager for Europe 30A clamp transmitter + Receiver 30A 10KW (1-phase) 150
SEM3110AEU MyWatt Cloud Home Energy Manager for Europe

Android & IOS App support available from October, 2016.
30A  transmitter + Receiver + 10year Internet Service 30A 10KW (1-phase) 200
SEM3110AEUWIFI MyWatt Cloud  Energy Manager for Europe : WI-FI

Android & IOS App support available from October, 2016.
75A clamp transmitter + Receiver + 10year Internet Service 75A, 200A Under Test
(No Approval)
sem3010A2US MyWatt Energy Manager for USA 2pc of 75A clamp transmitter + Receiver 75A, 200A 50KW 150
SEM6000 MyWatt Professional Measure 3 Voltage 3Current, Power Factor , Frequency, 2 Temperature & Humidity 200A, 350A, 500A, 2000A 1000kW
SEM300 1CH. MyWatt Transmitter 1ch. output: UART
connctor: by Mini-USB

75A clamp include

30A, 75A 10kw (under development)
SEM300AEUWIFI 1CH. MyWatt Cloud Tranceiver with WI-FI

 Android & IOS App support available from October, 2016.
no battery use. 220 V adapter apply 30A, 75A 20kW (Under Test) 120 (including 1 clamp)

MyWatt Clamp Type Wireless Transmitter
We use Clamp type wireless transmitter at the main control panel for to get the energy consumption with non-contact method and sent it to the receiver. 433MHz  frequency.
For 3-phase system, we need 3pcs of clamp.
Model Use Supply Price ($)
List Price
Wireless Transmitter
(battery life:
10 month)

measuring range: 0.1A ~ 75A

CLAMP30(30A), CLAMP75(75A) use only 35
CRT3001 Wireless Transmitter
(battery life:
10 month)

measuring range: 0.5A to 200A

CLAMP75(75A), CLAMP200(200A) use only 40
Wireless Transmitter
(battery life:
10 month)

measuring range:
1A to 500A
CLAMP350(350A), CLAMP500(500A) use only 45
CRT3100 Wireless Transmitter for Flow meter only for 4-20mA input 50
PPD1 Battery Pack for "D" type battery 3pcs 15 months extra dc power for CRT3000
(3pcs of D type battery include)
PAC1 Adapter for CRT3000 220V mains power for CRT3000 8
CLAMP30 Current Sensor
(10mm inner dia.)
30A clamp 8
CLAMP75 Current Sensor
13mm inner dia.)
75A clamp 10
CLAMP200 Current Sensor
(26mm inner dia.)
200A clamp 20
CLAMP350 Current Sensor(25mm inner dia.) 350A clamp 30
CLAMP500 Current Sensor
(35mm inner dia.)
500A clamp 40
CLAMP2000 Current Sensor
2000A clamp
Rogowski Coil

MyWatt Plug-in Type Wireless Transmitter (Option: on-off function)
Home Appliance normally use socket on the wall. The Plug-in type wireless transmitter is suitable for this purpose (433MHz).
Optional item: on-off function type with relay ( Other country type)

Model Detail Max. Ampere Use Price ($)
List Price
PIT3000 without control 15A Home Appliance Energy Measurement 30
PIT3100 on-off function included 15A Energy Measurement & Control 40

MyWatt Wireless Lamp Electricity Transmitter & Controller ( under development now)
Electric Lamp Energy Measurement & Control 
Model Detail Use Price ($)

List Price

LAT3000 without control Lamp Energy Measurement 30
LAT3100 on-off control function Lamp Energy Measurement & Control 40

MyWatt PC Software (by using specially made cable)
You can set clock by PC software.
You can control the Home Appliance by PIT3100 transmitter with software.
You can download daily/weekly/monthly data by software.
You can see real time graph by software.
You can see daily/weekly/monthly graph by software.
Model Detail Use Price ($)
SOFT3010 10CH. Graph Display 10ch, Graph Display and Receiver Setting Free
MyWatt Web Cloud Service for 10 channel or over
We can see day/week/month graph by Internet or smart phone.
We can control home appliance by smart phone. We can send SMS message
We can send Email message of Energy Consumption
Model Detail Use Price ($)
List Price
Price ($)

Limited Time Price

CLOUD-1 1CH -2CH  Graph Graph Measurement free free
CLOUD-3 3CH - 10CH Graph Graph & Email service include 20/year free
SMS-1 SMS service by smartphone
Email Service day/week/month total data by email notice
BACNET ADAPTER for building automation

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